Dino Klobučar

Centar za razvoj ekološke proizvodnje

Bilateral Meetings

  • Friday 14:00 - 17:00
DescriptionThe Center for the Development of Ecological Agriculture is a newly established association that brings together organic producers, supporting institutions and supporting industries. The association has 46 founders, and the number of members is in continuous growing. The aims of the Association are the development of organic production and processing, and marketing of organic products; protecting the interests of producers, processors and retailers of environmental products, protecting the interests of consumers of organic products and other subjects in the field of improvement of health, organic, agrotechnical and market conditions and criteria for the development of organic agricultural production, processing, placement, distribution, promotion and consumption of organic products. The Association was created as a result of the ORGANIC BRIDGE project funded by IPA INTERERG Croatia-Serbia.
Organization Type Cluster,
CityIvanovci, P. Preradovića 60 Google map
Areas of Activities

Organic food and drink producers

    Organic food and drink traders

      Partnership cooperation in EU founded projects