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DescriptionSCARYBIRD specializes in agricultural pest control solutions against pest birds. SCARYBIRD teams have along experience in kites for agricultural. With this experience and the success of this method of scaring, we have created the complete device SCARYBIRD Kite. Our teams are working on developing ecological solutions to fight against pest bird for horticulture, golf, airports, orchads and of course agricltural pest control. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive range of environmentally friendly, efficient and reliable products. Our products are suitable for professionals seeking reliable economic solutions for agricultural pest control, and individuals for their ease of use. Our products undergo extensive technical studies before placing on the market and make a real difference in term of quality compared to competing solutions. Our system SCARYBIRD kite has been designed to last for several seasons.
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CitySaint Berain 43300, Le Pinet Google map
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Protective equipment in organic agriculture

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    We are lookong for distributors of our SCARYBIRD device against pest birds in these countries: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, Maceodnia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria. Ukrfaine, Moldova, Turkey.

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