Snjezana Mitrovic

Project manager
Association TERRA'S

Bilateral Meetings

  • Friday 14:00 - 17:00
DescriptionAssociation TERRA’S is independent, non-profit, non-governmental organization founded in the year 1990 in Subotica, in order to spread the ideas and initiatives in the field of organic food production. Mission of TERRA’S is to create more human living conditions by harmonizing natural resources and regional capacities. Strategy of Association is development, cooperation and coordination of activities in fields of production, processing, marketing and everyday use of organic food. The aim of TERRA’S is to install ecologically balanced and economically sustainable business system in the field of food production. The whole process of production based on organic principles - “from field to fork” TERRA’S-es model has been developed on tasis of IFOAM standards and EU regulations. Since 1991. To achieve its objectives, the Association’s primary fields of interest are organic production, bio-dynamic, multifunctional and good agricultural practice, as well as: - Rural development (agro-eco-ethno-tourism and other fields promoting rural development) - sustainable development - energy efficiency - waste management - ragweed and other weed-related problems. The activities within the above indicated fields include: 1. sharing experience and cooperation with R&D institutions and other professional organisations, businesses and similar organisations in the country and abroad; 2. initiating and participating in passing legislation and regulations, strategies, action plans and other documents; 3. organising independently or in co-operation with other domestic or foreign organisations seminars, counselling or other forms of training in this field; 4. organising expert conferences; 5. educating and informing citizens 6. participating and organising promotions, study visits and fairs; 7. research and counselling; 8. introducing organic agriculture model in local communities; 9. publishing activities in line with the law.
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CitySubotica, Trg cara Jovana nenada 15 Google map
Areas of Activities

Partnership cooperation in EU founded projects